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Fun & Rest at Work

The past few weeks have been stress free. Thanks a lot for letting me experience this once again. I learn while having fun. I’m enjoying this phase and I will enjoy it while it lasts. I hope I get the best out of this assignment. I hope to impart myself as much as I could.

Your Heart’s Desire

Lord, please place the desires of your heart in mine. Help me realize what my purpose is, what my mission is, what your vision for my life is. Lord, show me the way I should walk.

What do you want me to do?

Take my life. Give me faith to trust what you say. Give me courage to obey your will. Give me love to share.

I love you God.

Encourage me. Motivate me please.
Lift my life up. Help me see you in others. Help me help others see you in me.

God bless my soul.

Thank You 2014

Amazing, wonderful, talented team/friends.
Approachable, considerate, understanding, supportive, humble managers.
Able to mentor and impart knowledge to junior resources. It was a very rewarding experience.
Been busy with asset custodian tasks.
Requested to be moved to other teams multiple times. Wrote a few email requests for this matter. Very fortunate that my senior manager is very understanding and patient with me.
Sad that needed to say goodbye with a few friends because they chose to continue their career somewhere else but also glad because it is for their growth. Wishing them well.
The project got bigger. Met new people.
Got to attend an android training.
Tranferred to another team. Short stint here was very challenging. Felt incompetent and dependent most of the times. Team mates were very good and skilled. Being new felt that I have a lot of catching up to do while having to deliver tasks I have a little understanding of. Felt inadequate even though I’m trying to remind myself that I’m doing fine given the situation. I have to be more patient with my progress.
I got promoted. This added stress in me because expectations will be higher. Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful for this blessing. It’s just that I am putting pressure on myself. I am still on the process of learning to be patient.
Lunches, dinners, and get-together with college friends, and team mates.
Some loved ones passed away.
Need to establish the habit of reading the Bible again. Need to pray more.
Learned what it means to love others as you love yourself, or so I think, as explain by CS Lewis in Mere Christianity.
Finally got a copy of Mere Christianity as a gift from team Christmas party.
Had a few mentors to look up to at work and was able to express my gratitude to them.
Missed how the team were with our previous leadership. How I was able to raise concerns comfortably without any apprehensions.
First time to have a smartphone. I am still learning how to use this gadget. So far it is very convenient to use a smart phone for connecting to the internet over using a desktop.

This year friendships were formed. I feel comfortable with my friends at work. The team feels like family. I hope I still get to work with them this coming year. Praying to be assigned in a team there.

Thank you Lord for 2014. Time flies so fast. As always, be our guide, courage, and strength for 2015. Strengthen our relationships.

Please help us be patient with ourselves as You are patient with us. God bless us. Thank you for another year.

Gratitude on Christmas

Thank you for this two-week Christmas break. Two weeks to spend with my family during the most wonderful time of the year. Thank you Lord for this opportunity.

Rest all day. Eat all day. Sleep all day. What a life! Reflect all day. Thank God for everything.

Thank you Lord for another year of blessings and lessons. Thank you for the opportunities for growth. Thank you for the people I met this year. Thank you for all the values and lessons I learned from everyone I met. Thank you for the friendships. Thank you for making me feel valued and important. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for all the provisions.

Thank you for the challenges you provided to make me strong. Thank you for molding my character. Thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you for everything.

Get Up

Get up. Get up and never give up.

Gideon Complex

Lord, here I am. Send someone else.

I feel inadequate. I feel I lack the qualities needed for the task at hand. I struggle to talk myself out of this feeling.

I know that You are always there, God. Help me. Help me overcome my insecurities. Help me lean on You. Help me hold on to your grace. Your grace is sufficient for me.

Help me realize the strength and courage You already placed inside of me. Remind me to trust You.

Help me be the change I want to see. Help me be someone I am looking for. Help me be someone I am waiting for. Help me to be patient with myself. Give me the grace I need to forgive my shortcomings. Give me the wisdom to understand my emotions.

Help me to be more considerate towards myself. God, send someone to help
me. I need You to be my strength.

Help me believe in myself like the way you do. Help me see you in me.

Knock Me Down

Hi God!

Again, it’s been quite a while since I have written something here.
Thank you for reminding me of your love.
I know I have taken things for granted. I am blinded by insecurities and uncertainty about the future. I am not able to see clearly and notice the blessings you are sending me. Keep on reminding me of your love.

Keep on knocking me down if you have to. I know it will hurt but I also know that you are always there to lift me up. Help me keep in mind that all things are possible with you. Help me believe. Help me live my life that shows the faith that I claim.

Give me the courage to face my doubts.

Don’t let me go. Keep holding onto me even if I want to slip away.
I do not know what I am doing.

Help me realize what your will is. Help me change for you. Help me be a better person. Help me reflect you, Jesus.

Thank you for the blessings. Thank you for the appreciation. I am overwhelmed.
Help me believe in myself, just like how you believe in me.

Everything I have is Yours. I am Yours.

Help me keep my feet down when things are getting in my head. Remind me that everything I have comes from You. I have nothing to boast.

With God, all things are possible.

I am the change I am seeking. Help me be the person I am looking for.
You are my strength. You are my hope. You are the anchor of my soul.
Thank you for loving me.

A Visit to My Past Self

It’s been a while since I wrote something. I miss writing. How should I start? What should I say?

The past few weeks have been a very reflective. I don’t know why but I kept thinking about the future. You know me, I am not a planner. I don’t have concrete plans about my future so every time I think of the future I feel uncomfortable. Maybe I’m over thinking.

Life is short. Life is a mystery. Life surprises us. It catches us off guard.

I just finished reading things I wrote a few years back and I can’t believe I’ve written such. I’d like to share a few excerpts here.

Excerpt 1

He lost someone. He then realized what was long been said by people, what was long been written on books, what was long been a maxim. He realized that life can be taken away in a blink of an eye. No signs. No premonitions. No warnings. Life was lost. That moment changed his life. It was a major turning point. He changed. He felt the need to change.He felt like anyone can be taken away from him at any moment. He felt weak. He can do nothing. He realized that sometimes there are no “next times” He decided to tell what he felt towards people. He decided to be vocal about his feelings. He decided to let others know how they affect his life. He was afraid of losing someone again. He was afraid. There even came a time that paranoia messed up his mind. Thoughts of losing people kept popping out. He felt really useless and weak. All he could say was “Take care.”

Excerpt 2

Sometimes, when they are all together, he feels this overwhelming joy. There’s this certain euphoria that hit him. Whenever this happened, he just thanked God for making him alive. It was one of those times when he was able to say,

“This is life.”

Excerpt 3

Maybe, sometimes, those significant people in your life wonder if they ever have been meaningful in your life, if you appreciate the things they do for you. Maybe they wonder if you miss them when you’re not together, if you think of them when they are not around. Maybe they wonder if you notice their efforts, if you notice their care. Maybe they wonder when they think of you, do you ever think of them too. Maybe they wonder if they made an impact in your life.

Maybe they need to hear those assuring words from you. Maybe they need those words right now. Maybe, just maybe, they doubt themselves, doubt their self-worth. And you’re assuring words may give them salvation.

Actions speak louder than words, they say. But sometimes words give us the certainty of what the actions really meant. Sometimes simple words of encouragement and words of appreciation help us get back up on our feet. Sometimes we crave for praises and compliments. And sometimes we want to hear them coming from the persons who mean so much to us.

It feels good to visit my old self through reading these words. I feel proud of my old self. For her to be able to say such things. It makes me smile.

I hope to write again. I hope my future self will be proud of me also. God willing, I live a number of years He only knows.

Lord, help us open ourselves for Your blessings. May it come in a form we like or not. May we be aware of your love always. You are our hope. Thank you for saving us.

Thank you for this life. Thank you for holding on to us. Thank you for never letting go.

New Beginning

I’m not good with good byes. But good byes are a part of life and it make room for new beginnings.

I already miss certain persons while they are still here. What more when they already leave. They’re absence will surely be felt. It always hurts when people to whom you are emotionally attached leave. But at the same time you are happy because they are moving on with their lives and pursuing things they want. All I can do is be happy for them and keep in touch.  You appreciate things more when you know you can lose them. 

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to work with such wonderful people. Thank you for letting me know them. Thank you for letting me be a part of their lives and vice versa. The thought of them leaving triggers a separation anxiety in me. I will sure miss them. Seriously. They have been a part of my daily life for almost 2 years.

I hope I can transcend my gratitude to them while we are still together at work.

Change is always hard. Help us make this coming transition as smooth as possible. I hope things will get better fast. Help us adjust. Give us the grace, patience, and humility we need to make this transition a smooth success.

As for my quarter life crisis, please lead me where I should go. Help me see the direction I need to take.  Give me peace and comfort while going through uncertainty. Let me be at peace with not knowing. Help me. Remind me always that You will unfold things in Your time. Grant me patience and wisdom. I need them with my daily decisions in life. Give me courage to face the unknown. Give me hope to hold on to.

Give me people that I can be intimate with. I need intimate relationships with my life where I can get comfort and share my joys and sorrows.

Thank you Lord. Help me pass through this phase.

Growth in Conflict

There is power in the Word of God.

Respond. Don’t react.
R-sist the first reaction.
A-ask for God’s control.
Y-ield to God.

Thank you for teaching me to:
– be patient with my progress.
– not hurry my growth.
– respect my pace.
– grow at the right pace.
– be patient with the progress of others.
– respect the pace of others.
– continue planting the right seeds, even though I don’t see the results yet.

Thank you for your enduring patience with me.
Thank you for answering my prayers.
Forgive me for my impatience and impulsiveness.
Help me understand that things happen in Your time, not mine.
Your will, not mine.

Speak to me when I get frustrated when things don’t happen my way.
Help me realize that You are giving me what I need though they may not come in ways I expect them to be.
Remind me that you are using other people to mold my character.
May I see the opportunities for growth in every conflict and pain.

Thank you for being with me.



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